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The time will come, when you will have to rise,
Above the best, to prove yourself,
Your spirit never dies


Rushed to scribble after watching the final ep! pouring out feelings

Otsukare Free!ES!!  ( nஇωஇ n) Thank you for the best summer Wednesdays! Now begins our ETERNAL SUMMER. 

“Storytelling Is Serious Business. Treat it with respect and a little bit of reverence. Storytelling is what makes the world go around. Even math is a kind of story (though, let’s be honest, a story with too few space donkeys or dragon marines). Don’t let writing and storytelling be some throwaway thing. Don’t piss it away. It’s really cool stuff. Stories have the power to make people feel. To give a shit. To change their opinions. To change the world.”

Chuck Wendig (via writingquotes)

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"you’re obsessed with your mental illness"

i know right? it’s almost like it impacts every part of my life

"it’s all in your head"

I know right? it’s almost like it’s a mental illness

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Character Profiles for Hetalia World ☆ Stars
Translation: donamoeba
Typesetting: pandabaozi


Women make up 45% of the gaming community and 0% of the protagonists of the 25 biggest games of the year.

"Yes, but that’s still a minority! If more women played video games, there would be more reason to have female protagonists!"

Men make up 35% of the cinema audience and 84% of the protagonists of the 25 biggest movies of the year.


Not ready to let go yet.

inspired by [x].


i don’t want to be a part of a college system where plagiarism is a worse crime than rape




*internal screaming*



CTRL + S-ing each time you draw a single line is literally the only way to go at digital art pls do not forget kids.

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The aftermath of a bloody duel!


Do you want to see more Magic the Gathering artwork? +Watch AaronMiller
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dragonseidr asked:
Do we know what the options on the tone wheel will be? I saw that one was called "clever" but what about the others?


In Dragon Age Inquisition tones are Noble, Clever, and Direct. These tone will are not retroactive with the Inquisitor’s ambient or neutral dialogues like Hawke’s was.

Also some conversations will call up a Reaction wheel, which will provide the Inquisitor with emotional responses. The emotions given are Enraged, Sad, Pleased, Surprised, Confused, Afraid, and Stoic (Neutral).

This time the Inquisitor will have better options when building their personalities and expressing themselves, something that Bioware did want to try and make better in Inquisition.